Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Quest for the Perfect Gift

Although I want to think that I am a pretty creative gift giver, lately I keep cheating using Etsy's cool gift guides... There's so much cool stuff and something for everyone I can think of.

I am honored that my jewelry made it to several Gift Guides:


This guide features a lot of good stuff without breaking the bank and my "Little Art Nouveau" is there:


This is the fail-safe gift guide and I love it. You cannot really go wrong with this one. My Smoky Marquise Vintage Black Diamond Earrings are there.

And one of the most fun guides ever "WOODLAND & FEATHERS"! I am in awe with every single item here, so creative, so whimsical, well so woodland.. Little Squirrel and Acorn Necklace is here too :)

Thank you Etsy! I am so happy that my jewelry made it to these wonderful Gift Guides :)

Happy Holidays!


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