Monday, September 28, 2009

Being There

I have been traveling and treasure hunting for my jewelry designs the last few weeks.. I am still away from home and will be back with a small suitcase full of original findings in two weeks! To give you a hint some of them are hand painted so I will make even more one of a kind pieces soon, yay! :)

This week at EtSytill: Being There (1979)

Peter Sellers and Shirley MacLaine star in Hal Ashby's great movie. Being There is the story of a simple-minded gardener who lived his whole life with little contact to outside world and what awaits him when he has to leave the house. If you have not seen it yet, maybe you can put it on your "to see" list.

I want to thank fellow Etsians for making these lovely items available to us! Here is the stills recreated by me and Etsy :)

vintage silver bud vase by genevausacanada
vintage musical rose tea pot by

rose hips teacup and saucer. vintage by Luncheonettevintage
Vintage Ruffled Secretary Dress by turquoiseheaven
Breakfast in Bed Rattan Tray Mid-Century by TheCottageCheese
Antique Derby Hat Early 1900s by anothertimeantiques
Vintage Necktie Classic Black and White by VintageMale
Mens Classic Overcoat by shopgoodgrace

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you EtSytill!

I can’t get enough of Etsy and good movies..So I thought maybe I can have both.. I will be recreating a famous scene every week with my Etsy finds! Check back to join the fun and see if one of your items made their way to a movie still..

I would like to start my new fun with Casablanca – one of the greatest, most romantic movies of all time.. Let me know what you think..

A big thank you for the Etsians who make these lovely items available to us :)

Play It Again Sam!

Featured Items and shops are:

Tweed Coat with Handknitted Scarf by izabee
Chickering Rosewood Square Grand Piano by banglezBeadz
Mens Vintage 1970s Flared Gray Pinstripe Suit with Waistcoat Tall Slim by AughrasLair
Cosette Antique Side Chair by hazelandhunter
Vintage Divided Box of 11 Vintage Mens Bow Ties by HighDesertRose
Antique Black Glass Bottles by MarciaLu51151
Midcentury Modern Orrefors Sweden Green Glass Patio Champagne Glasses Stems by diantiques

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Garnet - Stone of Heros

Garnet is described as stone of commitment, fidelity, passion, courage and vitality.. These words say "hero" to me.. I can imagine a gorgeous piece of garnet decorating a knight's sword, a king's crown or a queen's wrist..

Luxe Genuine Garnet Bracelet & Earrings

Whether you like heros or not, you are probably someone's hero after all..

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I have a dream...

Dreamy Vintage is my little vintage jewelry shop at Etsy. Like most girls I love jewelry, especially subtle, romantic, dreamlike pieces and of course vintage too.. I am also kind of good when it comes to working with my hands.. A while ago I decided making jewelry for myself and I became pretty succesful at that. Then my obsession kind of got out of hand and I started to make jewelry for everyone who likes them :)

I have the most fun when I tell a story with my jewelry.. No matter how long or short, they all have an autobiography.. I will share my creations and their stories with you here.. I would love to read your comments and stories, so please don't hesitate to leave one..

I currently have a small collection of necklaces, lockets, a delicate earring and a convertible bracelet-choker. We have convertibles for everything so why not jewelry too? I named this beauty Sophie. Sophie consists of a bracelet and an extention that converts her into a choker in seconds. Bracelet is very elegant for everyday wear. If you are feeling more adventurous convert it to a choker and pretent you are portrait from Victorian era :)

Sophie looks great with anything with silk, velvet, ruffles or with an indecisive mood. Tested and approved :)

Sophie Convertible Bracelet - Choker