Thursday, September 3, 2009

I have a dream...

Dreamy Vintage is my little vintage jewelry shop at Etsy. Like most girls I love jewelry, especially subtle, romantic, dreamlike pieces and of course vintage too.. I am also kind of good when it comes to working with my hands.. A while ago I decided making jewelry for myself and I became pretty succesful at that. Then my obsession kind of got out of hand and I started to make jewelry for everyone who likes them :)

I have the most fun when I tell a story with my jewelry.. No matter how long or short, they all have an autobiography.. I will share my creations and their stories with you here.. I would love to read your comments and stories, so please don't hesitate to leave one..

I currently have a small collection of necklaces, lockets, a delicate earring and a convertible bracelet-choker. We have convertibles for everything so why not jewelry too? I named this beauty Sophie. Sophie consists of a bracelet and an extention that converts her into a choker in seconds. Bracelet is very elegant for everyday wear. If you are feeling more adventurous convert it to a choker and pretent you are portrait from Victorian era :)

Sophie looks great with anything with silk, velvet, ruffles or with an indecisive mood. Tested and approved :)

Sophie Convertible Bracelet - Choker


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