Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Something Blue..

Have you ever wondered where the tradition came from? I did and of course googled it :) According to yahoo answers, it is an English tradition which is believed to start in Victorian era with the complete phrase:

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

Items represent good luck omens for the bride, "something old" representing past, "something new" future, "something borrowed" is usually from a happy couple and "something blue" which dates back to ancient Rome symbolizing love, modesty, and fidelity. Finally, sixpence in the shoe represents financial luck and security.

So romantic.. did you know blue was a popular color for wedding gowns before 19th century?

I liked the tradition even before I knew about the history and I now have a piece to carry this lovely tradition in my little Etsy shop: Something Blue...

Pretty aqua jewels are vintage, so in practice it is "something old", handmade by yours truly "something new" and it is "something blue".. now you just need something borrowed :)


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