Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nesting - Tree Sparrows

I have many new pieces in my Etsy shop that I am so excited about. Nowadays I am very much into vintage bracelets, birds and nests..

Nesting: 1. to build or occupy a nest, 2. to fit compactly together or within one another - even the definition is cute :)

Etsy has a ton of woodland inspired handmade and vintage items. Here are some of my favorite finds nestled with my Sparrow Nest bracelet..

1. Vintage Speckled Bird Eggs
2. Wedding Cake Topper Birds Nest
3. Valentina Linen Cotton and Burlap Pillow Slip
4. Vintage Glass Bracelet. Sparrow Nest

I set three vintage glass cabs -which look just like tree sparrow eggs btw.- into antiqued settings and completed the bracelet with a lovely green suede ribbon. I really like it, great color and mood for fall.

Tree sparrows used to migrate to the city I was born to spend the winter so at this time of year I always remember them :)

This bracelet was featured on Etsy Finds today, see it here. Thank you very much Etsy :)


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